Insurance as an academic discipline is a new concept. Liberalization of Insurance Market with changing business environment and economic realities have necessitated that academicians and professionals respond to these changes with new knowledge and create an innovative business environment. This creation of new knowledge cannot be achieved without nurturing excellent research capabilities.


Conferences/Workshops/Academic Fairs and Seminars

Various events, guest lectures, panel discussions, conferences, workshops, academic fairs and seminars are a regular feature at NLU. Companies may participate directly or contribute through partnerships. Institute scholarships and awards are also sponsored by corporations as a way to express their commitment to excellence in the student community at SIS-NLU.


Sponsoring Projects

Projects are an integral part of the academic curriculum at SIS-NLU. Students are keen to take up live projects related to insurance with organizations as this provides them with a basic understanding of the market structure and company’s operations. It also raises the companies’ profile amongst students and the faculty.